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Subject: thanks re: does it work...
From: teddys_mom
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 00:43:39 -0000
Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. Interesting points.

I have done atkins before, successfully, but I quit back in 
December. I was being treated for some scary (but unrelated) 
illness, and my husband was panicky about me not taking the best 
care of myself, so he asked me to go back onto a more" balanced diet.

Well... between reintroducing carbs, and the steroids I was taking 
to treat my lungs, I gained like all 20 of the lbs I had lost, plus 
some change.... 

So depressed... you bet. Now my lungs work, and I still can't 
freaken breathe.... 

So I was hunting around for something that I could do that would 
kinda work with real life. Kids, work, you know, something 

This looks good, but are any of you guys together regularly to chat? 
This message board thing is a drag... not that you guys aren't quick 
with the responses... but still....... chat is alot quicker. 

Does anyone get the sense I'm impatient :-)

Lemme know!!!!!!

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