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Subject: Re: Falling off
From: twoburnhams
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 21:16:52 -0000
Bonnie, think of goofs like this...if you went to your car and saw 
you had a flat tire, you wouldn't say you screwed up once by rolling 
over a nail, so you might as well just let the air out of your other 
tires too. Right? You would just get the flat fixed, and get on 
with your day. I can't say that I don't let the air out of my tires 
sometimes, but at least it's not the norm!

--- In , "Bonnie" <ronnieb1@c...> wrote:
> Wow did I fall off yesterday. Went to lunch and ate dessert....I 
> never do dessert, but gave in to peer pressure. Then, with that "I 

blew it"
> attitude, went on to eat a half doughnut at art class later that 
> Thanks Reinhold for reminding us not to beat our selfs up when we 

goof, it
> only leads to more goof ups doesn't it! Well 
> I will say yesterday was my S day and be god today instead! Plus I 

> have a legal S day tommorrow, as it will be Sunday!
> Bonnie
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