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Subject: Re: [nosdiet] About 6/7 weeks into it--update (LONG)
From: Reinhard Engels
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 19:08:41 -0800 (PST)

I can't tell you how happy I am to read this. It's not
just that you're succeeding (though that's decisive,
of course), but that a good measure of your success is
due to the fact that you're simply *paying attention*
to your eating habits, and that the diet encourages
you to do this. 

The power of self deception is enormous; people just
don't realize how much they are eating and suspect
profound and sinister causes for their weight problem
-- your well known mexican eatery story is a case in
point. The carb/calorie accounting diets get this, but
don't get that we aren't robots and have other uses
for our time. When there are only three doors for the
"enemy" to get in, you can watch them carefully,
without it becoming a full time job.

I drink whole milk too. I find that drinking skimp
milk doesn't fool your appetite -- it'll just demand
three times as much in revenge for being short

Thanks for all the details (I particularly love the
vintage plates bit) and congratulations!


--- coconut_snowball <jmamos@...> wrote:
> I can't actually say how much weight I've lost--I
> never weighed 
> myself to begin with--but I am down in jeans size
> from a very tight 
> 18W to a well-fitting 16W. I feel...completely
> normal. I eat three 
> meals a day...like normal. There are no shakes, no
> bars, no lots of 
> tiny meals...it's a miracle for me.
> Something I've found out: The "Fence around the
> diet" is VERY 
> important for me. To quote Don Henley, "the wolf is
> always at the 
> door". I found that if I relaxed on the one plate
> rule even a 
> little, that my old eating habits would start
> creeping in. I found 
> myself a couple of times, when serving my plate,
> sneaking bites from 
> the serving container. Trying to fool myself. So now
> I always make 
> sure to prepare my ENTIRE meal, and have it on the
> plate before I 
> eat. Sometimes if I don't trust myself, I will help
> myself to a dill 
> pickle and munch on that while I'm cooking. But
> mostly, I pretend 
> that I'm french, and make a production out of my
> meals.
> I got a nasty cold about three weeks ago...so I used
> that 
> opportunity to stop putting half n half in my
> coffee. I drink it 
> black now, something I never imagined I could do. I
> drink a lot of 
> coffee, so this is a significant change for me.
> Stomach capacity is WAY down. A couple of weeks ago,
> my husband took 
> me out to dinner at a well-known mexican chain
> restaurant. Usually 
> we run through 2-3 baskets of chips, plus the queso
> dip, plus our 
> dinners. Wow. This time, we finished half of one
> basket of chips, 
> 1/4 of the cheese dip, and then I managed to eat
> about 1/8 of my 
> fajita dinner. In the old days, (pre NOS), I would
> have eaten all of 
> my dinner, now matter how many chips I had consumed.
> My husband is 
> not on the diet, and I realized that all those times
> we ate all 
> those chips...it was ME eating the majority. Never
> again. This 
> night, I was "pigging out" for the special occasion
> of dinner out, 
> and that's the best I could do. I was floored. And
> two nights ago, 
> we stayed up late watching a movie, so I went and
> made a bag of 
> microwave popcorn (yes, a snack, I do that
> occasionally), and I 
> barely ate 1/4 of the bag. I used to make each of us
> our own bag.
> Three meals is my goal every day, but yesterday, due
> to a weird 
> schedule, I only got two meals. And occasionally, I
> eat 4. But when 
> I eat, I use vintage dinner plates that I've
> collected for years, 
> and they are only 9 inches across, instead of the 10
> or 11 inches 
> that modern dishes are. It's funny, because I used
> to never use 
> these dishes, I just collected them because they
> were so pretty, but 
> I didn't serve food on them because they were small.
> And the bowls 
> are small. Well, I just had breakfast before I sat
> down to type, and 
> I used, without even thinking, the smaller vintage
> bowl for my Wheat 
> Chex and 1/2 banana. With whole milk. That's one of
> the things I 
> love about the diet...I can eat whatever I want. I
> never drink skim 
> milk anymore, I use delicious whole milk on my
> cereal, and I'm 
> losing weight anyway!
> So that's about it. I am just really happy. Everyone
> knows now that 
> I'm on a diet, because they are noticing my weight
> loss. Instead of 
> just saying "I'm doing portion control", I tell them
> about the NOS 
> and tell them to look it up on the internet. 
> I'm doing great, and I look better. I'm starting to
> see a jawline 
> again. Yah!
> Joanna

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